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"Train up a child in the way he should go [teaching him to seek God’s wisdom and will for his abilities and talents], Even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6, AMP

Welcome to our FAITHFUL YOUNGSTERS page!!!

Our prayer and hope for this page is to bring the Word of Lord into our "faithful youngsters" lives. Whether through prayer or short bible stories or bible verses for our children to memorize (young or old), may we plant the seed of God's word into their hearts. We look forward to sharing these exciting tools with you.

For as the scripture above states, let us train up our children in God's wisdom (Word) so that they will never depart from it!

Planting the Seeds:


As a former preschool teacher and assistant director, I would use these same techniques in my own classroom and/or classroom I needed to attend to. I absolutely loved watching the growth in each of the children as we learned about God and as we built the foundations of the Lord in their lives.

There is nothing more rewarding than watching 2 year olds (and up), learn how to pray, worship the Lord and memorize His word.

Prayer Time:

If this is new to you, let us lay down the foundations with a simple technique to use with your own child(ren), of course, there are many techniques and if you have your own, that is fantastic!

In my former classroom, every morning as we started our day and at every meal time we said a prayer. In order to get the children's attention and for them to know what time it was, we would say:


"We fold our hands and bow our heads, it's time to talk to Jesus now."

At the beginning of the year, I would start the prayers and the children would repeat it. Then, as the year progressed, we would pick a different prayer helper and they would lead the prayer and we would repeat it.


I did not restrict them on what to pray as I loved hearing them come up with their own prayer. Oh, the words and prayers that come out of the mouths of babes!

For instance, if you are new to this, let me share a quick sample of what I would pray with them. Again, I would say a line and they would repeat it.


"Dear God, thank you for Jesus.

Thank you for our mommies and daddies.

Thank you for the food in our tummies.

Thank you for our home.

Thank you for our school.

Thank you for our friends and our teachers.

Thank you for today, keep us safe.

In Jesus' name, Amen."

I pray that this will be as rewarding and melt your heart as you start to see your children grow in talking to Jesus. I have so many memories of these precious children that have came through my classroom. Tears ran down my face as I would hear the prayers of these 2 year olds and how sincere and genuine their little hearts were.

Reading the Word of the Lord:

Take the time to teach your children the importance of God's Word in their lives. Read the bible with them each day, start with Psalms and Proverbs if you need a starting point.

For little ones, watch the bible story videos that we have here or read these stories in the Beginner's Bible* with them personally. It is never too early to plant the Word of the Lord in their lives.

Memorizing a Bible Verse:

If you would like to participate and follow along with our schedule and the verses to memorize, click on Preschool or Elementary or Middle School/High School.

Duration or guideline for memorizing bible verses:

  • Preschool = 1 verse a month

  • Elementary and up = 1 verse a week

If you would like to participate in our "Reaping the Harvest", read the following section below.

reaping the harvest:

We invite you to join us and share videos or audio of your little one(s) --- praying, reading the bible (or listening to the stories we post) or participating/saying the memory verse --- so we can post it on our social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), as you plant the seeds and reap the harvest in their lives.

If you would like to participate, send us your videos or audio to, be sure to put in the subject what it is that you are sending. We look forward to witnessing the love in their hearts for the Lord.

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